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Jon D'Alba
Highway Design Engineer
BS, Civil Engineering, The George Washington University

24/7/365 -
Wake up.
Bike to work. 
Design roads. 
Use the company gym at lunch for a quick lift. 
Design some more.
Bike home. 
Train on the bike between 1 and 4 hours.
Eat a massive dinner.
Rest and repeat.


This is a typical day for Jon D'Alba - and while it's demanding, he would have it no other way. A fifth-year Highway Design Engineer at Urban, Jon believes that maintaining a work/life balance is critical for his success. "I have always found that fitness gives me more energy and keeps me sharp and ready for the next challenge." Jon knows a thing or two about challenges. Twice a US National Rowing Team member, he has excelled at the highest levels of world competition and is currently rising through the ranks of elite cycling. A Category One cyclist, Jon spends most weekends of the year riding and competing with professional riders from around the world. He says the switch from racing to engineering mode on Monday mornings is, "admittedly tough sometimes, but I'm always excited to be surrounded by top tier professionals, which is both humbling and motivating and makes me an all-around better person and engineer."


Jon has the unique opportunity to design the same roadways and bikeways on which he trains. He recently collaborated on a mile-long section of the Schuylkill River Trail that just opened near Philadelphia. This new trail is a vital access point to the 130-mile Schuylkill River Trail System in southeastern Pennsylvania, a favorite training option for Jon and many other cyclists. "Being a cyclist makes me more in tune with the need for improved bicycle facilities and provides a comprehensive experience for roadway design," he said.