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Darin Ngau
Engineer in Training
University of Pittsburgh
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Darin Ngau - Kuy Teav

Darin Ngau has a passion for cooking. Lately, he has been enthusiastic about making sourdough bread. He finds the bread-making process extremely gratifying. His all-time favorite dish, though, is a traditional Cambodian breakfast soup called kuy teav. Similar to Vietnamese pho, kuy teav consists of noodles, different cuts of pork or seafood, and a variety of garnishes and aromatics served in a vibrant and delicious broth. Darin grew up eating this soup, so he knows the right elements to design the perfect dish.


It is no surprise then that as an engineer-in-training in Urban’s aviation division, Darin’s favorite part of his work is the design process. “It’s exciting to take a conceptual idea, and through design and engineering, transform that idea into a reality,” he says. Like executing a recipe, cooking a meal, and serving it to guests, Darin takes great satisfaction in seeing a design go from 2D plans to being built in-person and becoming a completed project that has a lasting, positive impact on society. “When we see how our work affects people, it is an amazing and rewarding experience,” he says.


Originally from Lancaster, PA, Darin attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he received a degree in civil engineering. His current focus at Urban is stormwater management, drainage, and erosion and sediment control design. He also works with utility base mapping for feasibility study and schematic design projects. He enjoys working in 3D modeling. “I especially enjoy creating 3D exhibits that promote better collaboration and discussions during the design process,” he says. Darin has had the chance to work on some of the firm’s signature airport projects, including at Newark Liberty International Airport and Trenton-Mercer Airport.


Since joining Urban, Darin has appreciated the open environment and collaboration among his colleagues. “When I first interviewed with Urban, it was abundantly clear how much different the culture was compared to other companies,” Darin said. “I came away with a strong sense that Urban valued people who communicated openly, supported and respected each other, and felt that the people here genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.”


If you ask any of Darin’s colleagues, they enjoy his company too. Especially if he brings around any of the latest breads he has baked or dishes he has cooked.

Darin Ngau's projects