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18 mile creek

Invigorating Buffalo's I-90 Streetscape & Bridges
Through project area inspection, material and equipment observation, and contract compliance, Urban will improve Buffalo's I-90 in a variety of ways. 
Services Provided
Construction Support
Program Management
New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA)
Project Contact
Eric Sailer, PE
Director of Construction Services, Western New York

PSR TAB 10-8 I-90 Reconstruction, Pavement Rehabilitation, Shoulder Widening & Bridge Rehabilitation

The New York State Thruway Authority, in an attempt to improve travel throughout the Greater Buffalo area, has engaged this project to updgrade I-90 in a variety of areas. Urban will provide key members in a large inspection staff as required to inspect the project area and to observe that all construction, materials and equipment are in compliance with the Contract Documents. Inspection will involve aspects, directly or indirectly associated with the project. 


Urban's All-Around Impact

This project work includes, but is not limited to the following: Full depth shoulder widening with slope flattening and earthwork, Crack and Seat with concrete pavement and asphalt pavement overlay, drainage extensions, Fiber Optic relocation, guild rail and Right of Way fence installation, pavement markings, This project also includes Concrete Bridge Deck overlay and substructure repairs to 18 Mile Creek and Big Sisters Creek Bridges. Urban will monitor the contractor’s progress schedules and provide assistance and recommendations to the contractor for controlling progress.


Night Moves

It is anticipated that a portion of work will be performed during night time operations utilizing overnight lane closures. It will also include the construction of crossovers at various locations within the project work limits to ensure traffic is uninterrupted by construction and work can be done in a safe manner.


Traffic Challenge

Maintaining traffic while constructing through major highways also presents unique traffic control challenges that are appropriate to the experience of the Urban staff, as they have demonstrated in the management of previous major interstate highway construction projects.


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Director of Construction Services, Western New York