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Lauren Antenucci, PE
Design Engineer
MS, Civil Engineering, Villanova University

Lauren Antenucci, PE, recently served as Urban's design engineer for enhancements being made to the world-renowned Philadelphia Art Museum. These improvements, which center on curb, gutter, pavement, drainage, and lighting modifications to the area of Art Museum Drive, will enable traffic to move easily around the Museum, provide for adequate room to safely load precious artifacts and materials and beautify the area. "It has been a pleasure to be able to assist in the improvement of one of Philadelphia’s icons," Lauren said. "I like to look around and see the projects I have played a role in."

Through her career at Urban, Lauren has committed her talents to the firm's advancement. Whether it's improving on designs, serving as a consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, or leading Urban's Young Member Forum, she has been able to share her knowledge, helping fulfill the firm's goal of fostering an effective workforce. In the future, she sees herself advancing her career, serving a role in project and program management. "I will continue to strive to achieve success in everything that I do."