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Time-lapse: Connecting the PA Turnpike and I-95

In an effort to reduce the amount of traffic on local roads and increase capacity near the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has been constructing the $450 million PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project located in Bucks County’s Bristol Township. This project will provide the direct connection of I-95 between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, improving travel time and reducing traffic delays. The time-lapse video below features a key component to this project, which is the installation and bolting of structural steel girders by ironworkers for a new I-95 NB bridge over the PA Turnpike. 


PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project

In order to accomplish this construction, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission permitted a closure of the PA Turnpike during an early Sunday morning from the hours of midnight until 5:00 am. Within the five-hour shutdown, traffic control was implemented, traffic was detoured, and the contractor mobilized equipment and material, erected the steel girders, and subsequently reopened the Turnpike.


The project will be built in two stages. Presently, a major component for Stage 1 is to build two new flyover bridges; one connecting NB I-95 to PA Turnpike EB and the other connecting PA Turnpike WB to I-95 SB along with the widening of the Turnpike. Stage 2 construction will include the construction of the six remaining connections to/from I-95 to the PA Turnpike. 

 This project has been an exciting challenge and will be a significant asset to transportation in the Mid-Atlantic region. - Jeff Wendel, Urban Engineers, Project Manager

For almost 10 years, Urban has been providing construction management services on this project. The limits of the project extend from the Bensalem Route 1 Interchange to the Delaware River Bridge. The PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project will ultimately connect the PA Turnpike and I-95. This includes the final section of I-95 that was part of the Federal Interstate system identified during the Eisenhower administration thus completing I95 from Maine to Florida. The project will require the re-designation of two major thoroughfares. The portion of existing I-95 north of the PA Turnpike will be re-designated as I-295. The portion of PA Turnpike (I-276) east of I-95 will be re-designated as I-95.


“This project has been an exciting challenge and will be a significant asset to transportation in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Jeff Wendel, PE, a project manager at Urban Engineers. “Urban is proud to have the opportunity to provide construction management services for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission on this major highway project.”